Stardots – True Development By Learning From Data

Stardots AB is a Sweden-based provider of analytical R&D-software. We design our products with compassion to enable data-driven insights to scientists.

Stardots Evolved Horizon™ is a desktop application for acquiring and analyzing sensor data, designed for research and development professionals.

Using Stardots patent-pending technology, no programming is required, allowing for data-driven scientific insights and decreased development cost. Data is visualized using state-of-the-art MATLAB®-powered graphics and stored in Big-Data-capable databases for post-analysis. 

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Analytic Interface - Analyze previous experiments simply by clicking on them, and perform various analytics such as smoothing using Savitzky-Golay, or FIR high-pass filtering as shown here...
Stardots is nominated to the 33-list, featuring the hottest 33 Tech startups in Sweden