About us

Stardots AB is developing a digital health platform for Parkinson´s disease, and related diseases, using deep tech mathematical modelling and state of the art cloud services.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@stardots.se

CEO & founder – Daniel Petrini

PhD Daniel Petrini

I have a M.Sc in material engineering and a PhD in computational inorganic chemistry. What always fascinates me is the power of statistics and analytics; to be able to see patterns and gain knowledge through data. Starting Stardots has been the thrill of my life, providing me the opportunity to work with what I love the most. Contact me at daniel.petrini@stardots.se

COO – Martin Nilsson

I have a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics and a PhD in nanotechnology and functional materials from Uppsala University. I am allways eager to learn new things, organise and solve customer problems. In this role I will do both strategic as well as operative work and the combination of the two excites me. Contact me at martin.nilsson@stardots.se.

CTO – Jann Tyberg

M.Sc. Jann Tyberg

I have a M.Sc. in Engineering physics and have worked as a IT-consultant for over 20 years. I have experience from Telecom-, Energy- and the Defence sector where I have worked in almost all disciplines of involving development of IT-systems. Contact me at: jann.tyberg@stardots.se.

Board member & Business Development – Rikard Östberg

I have 25 years’ experience of executive management, business development and investments, and have worked with a large number of international private and listed companies. My background gives me both a management and financial perspective of companies, and a valuable experience in helping companies develop and grow. Contact me at: rikard.ostberg@stardots.se.

Chairman of the board – Hanno Lindroth

I have worked in the Life Science sector for 40 years, including R&D-Manager in the pharmaceutical industry. As a project leader of many large international projects, as well as started and driven a number of companies, I provide Stardots with experience and knowledge on business development, project management etc. Contact me at: hanno.lindroth@stardots.se.

Mathematical modelling – Emil Edin

I have a M.Sc. in Materials Science and a Ph.D. in computational physics. My general area of focus is R&D with an emphasis on the implementation and development of the algorithms used in symptom quantification and the digital infrastructure to deploy them. Contact me at: emil.edin@stardots.se.