About us

The Story of Stardots

With 15 years of experience from various development projects at different companies and universities, Dr. Daniel Petrini realized that gathering and analysing sensor data in a structured manner should not required advanced programming skills. With this vision he founded Stardots in 2015 and spent two years together with the companion Håkan Andersson to develop the company’s introduction product Evolved Horizon™ – an easy-to-use data tool for sensor data.

Who we are

Established in 2015, Stardots AB is a Sweden-based provider of analytical R&D software. Our talented team builds our products with compassion to enable insights and development by learning from data and ultimately make the world a better place. Stardots is co-founded by PhD Daniel Petrini and B.Sc Håkan Andersson.

Our name “Stardots” derives from stars and space, as the representation of exploration and discovery, and connecting the dots as an illustrative of gained insight. The by-line articulate our core mission:

“Let data be the our guiding star in the course of development”

The Stardots Management Team

CEO & founder – Daniel Petrini
PhD Daniel Petrini, CEO and member of the Stardots board

Daniel have a M.Sc in material engineering and a PhD in computational inorganic chemistry. What always fascinates him is the power of statistics and analytics; to be able to see patterns and gain knowledge through data. Starting Stardots has been the thrill of his life, providing him the opportunity to work with what he love the most. Contact him at daniel.petrini@stardots.se

Co-founder – Håkan Andersson
BSc Håkan Andersson, CTO of Stardots

Håkan has been programming since he was 11 years old, and has worked as a professional programmer for 20+ years, where the last 15 years was at the telecom giant Ericsson as a system engineer. He provides Stardots with invaluable expertise and computing insights.

Strategy and market communications – Björn Lindh
MSc Björn Lindh, Strategy and market communications

Björn has developed an exceptional understanding of business strategies for startups through 17 years of entrepreneurial undertakings, in 20+ startup processes as a founder or advisor, as well as a few years as a startegy consultant at Accenture.

Chairman of the board – Hanno Lindroth
MSc Hanno Lindroth, Chairman of the board

Hanno Lindroth has worked in the Life Science sector for 40 years, including R&D-Manager in the pharmaceutical industry. As a project leader of many large international projects, as well as started and driven a number of companies, he provides Stardots with invaluable experience and knowledge.

Member of the Board – Isabel Petrini
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MSc Isabel Petrini, member of the board and Deputy Executive Director