About us

With 15 years of experience from both industry and academia, we realized that gathering and analysing data in a structured manner should not require advanced programming skills. Thus, Stardots was founded with a mission to develop and distribute software applications for R&D professionals, in order to improve the insights from data. Our team builds our products with compassion to enable insights and development by learning from data and ultimately make the world a better place.

We are collaborating with incredibly talented researchers, and we are working closely with some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Do you have an idea for an application waiting to be realized? Do you want to leverage your smart algorithms in a complete application, with licensing, upgrading and application framework taken care of by us? Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@stardots.se


Established in 2015, Stardots AB is a Sweden-based provider of analytical R&D software. Stardots is co-founded by PhD Daniel Petrini and B.Sc. Håkan Andersson. Our name “Stardots” derives from stars and space, as the representation of exploration and discovery, and connecting the dots as an illustrative of gained insight. Our design philosophy is simple, intuitive interfaces, graphics and colors as well as putting the data in center of attention. 

CEO & founder – Daniel Petrini

PhD Daniel Petrini

I have a M.Sc in material engineering and a PhD in computational inorganic chemistry. What always fascinates me is the power of statistics and analytics; to be able to see patterns and gain knowledge through data. Starting Stardots has been the thrill of my life, providing me the opportunity to work with what I love the most. Contact me at daniel.petrini@stardots.se.

Co-founder Håkan Andersson

B.Sc. Håkan Andersson

I have been programming since I was 11 years old, and have worked as a professional programmer for 20+ years, where the last 15 years was at the telecom giant Ericsson as a system engineer. As a co-founder, I provide advice to Stardots with my experience of programming in general, web and cloud services. Contact me at hakan.andersson@stardots.se.

Business Development, U.S. – Chris Kennedy

Chris Kennedy

I have been immersed in the BioPharma and Medtech Ecosystem for over 30 years. My involvement, experience and relationships have all provided me a deep understanding of the proper ingredients for success, both the beneficial components as well as the challenges to be overcome. My introduction into this ecosystem came through 17 years driving the growth and success of a leading financial services firm.

This has provided a unique foundation for understanding the emerging Digital Health sector from a business, science and technology perspective. I’ve enjoyed being involved in start up fund raising activities, business advisory roles, and the challenging landscape of Big Pharma. All complimented by financial service experiences and having previously held my Series 7 with 79 IB Registration, Series 6, 65 and 63. Contact me at: christopher.kennedy@stardots.se.

CFO – Anders Hiller

B.A. Anders Hiller

I have background as CFO in a Swedish family run business and also in an international corporation. Prior to that I worked for three years with Ernst & Young, in auditing. All togehter this has  been during a period of almost 25 years. With my experience I can contribute to the development of Stardots, in financial issues as well as in analyzing certain routings on hand.

Chairman of the board – Hanno Lindroth

M.Sc. Hanno Lindroth

I have worked in the Life Science sector for 40 years, including R&D-Manager in the pharmaceutical industry. As a project leader of many large international projects, as well as started and driven a number of companies, I provide Stardots with experience and knowledge on business development, project management etc. Contact me at: hanno.lindroth@stardots.se.

Head of people and culture – Isabel Petrini

Psychologist Isabel Petrini, member of the board

I’m a chartered clinical psychologist. At Stardots I’m engaged in taking care of the human resources and seeing to that Stardots core values remains vivid. When needed I also assist in the adjustments that come with organizational change and development.