Tremor modelling

How the brilliant work of Prof. Alexander Medvedev and his team will help patients with various forms tremor. Input data are from the sensors of a mobile phone and the modelling will be conducted on cloud and will be utilized in our digital health platform “AI-TRUST” for Parkinson´s disease

One of the most characteristic symptoms of Parkinson´s patients is tremor, or involuntary shaking of hands and other body parts. Stardots is developing a mobile application, under Prof. Alexander Medvedevs lead,  that analyzes sensor-based data from the phone due to a movement in an arc in space. Subsequently, the data is sent to the cloud for post-processing and building mathematical modelling and eventually a quantitative symptom estimate is returned. Proprietary and state-of-the art mathematical modelling of the data is used to ensure maximum mapping of estimate to real-life phenomenon and patient experience. The application will be an integral part of our software-as-a-drug platform AI-TRUST. The application was recently awarded a Vinnova grant; read more about it here.

Alexander Medvedev.
Professor at the IT institution of Uppsala University. Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

Alexander Medvedev is the architect behind the mathematical modeling, and he is one of the leading scientists in the world in this field. Read more about his earlier and current work here.

Stardots are extremely honored to be working with the best there is in various scientific branches in order to bring the best possible products and services to the market. The overall goal for all Stardots efforts is to improve quality of life and contribute to a better society.