Stardots presents business model at MathWorks

The Stardots management team was recently invited to MathWorks Inc. in Boston/Natick MA, US to present our Products, our philosophy and business-model. We got to chance to meet various the product and marketing managers, demonstrate our products and to get a tour of the HQ. What struck us the most was the commitment, excellence and the friendly atmosphere of MathWorks. In addition, they have a strong commitment to social and educational development in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

Stardots CEO in main entrence of MathWorks HQ in Boston, US.

In a preceding event, we had presented Stardots and Evolved Horizon™ at MathWorks EXPO in Stockholm, in front of MATLAB developers and users.

We are very glad to collaborate with MathWorks to ensure that our products that is built around MATLAB holds the maximum quality and performance. And we share the message of MathWorks slogan: “Accelerating the pace of engineering and science”.