Development of a bio sensor

Assoc. Prof. Robin Augustine and his PhD students are testing microwave-based sensors together with Stardots Evolved Horizon(tm)

Associate Professor Robin Augustine from the solid-state electronics group of Uppsala University, Ångström Laboratory, has chosen to buy Evolved Horizon™ from Stardots.

Evolved Horizon™ is a patent-pending real-time visualizing and analyzing of sensor data, designed to be used at labs and to compete with LabView® from National Instruments. Evolved Horizon currently supports Arduino® and many input sensors ex. PT100, thermocouples, voltage, current, and load-cells. Data is visualized in real-time and stored in lightning fast databases for post-acquisition analysis; stored experiment-data may be visualized using many types of graphs, compared to other experiments, exported and digital signal processing filters may be applied.

Queue and run up to 64 experiments in the I/O interface. Combine many graphs from multiple channels for more data-driven insights. Automatically save into binary Big-Data capable databases

Evolved Horizon is designed for programming-free, robust and powerful data-driven insights.

“To be able to avoid programming without missing features of customization capabilities lets us focus on experiment design and results evaluation. With Evolved Horizon, we now have a simple but powerful platform for the acquisition of sensor data, which in our case is microwave related, and to have it all stored in databases for future analysis. Since the hardware is built around Arduino, the resulting system is cost-effective and flexible. In addition, since Evolved Horizon always auto-updates, we frequently gets new features and fixes.” – Jacob Velander and Syaiful Redzwan Mohd Shah, PhD students in Robins group.

Syaiful, Maruizio and Robin tests Evolved Horizon in the lab of Ångström laboratory.

Evolve Horizon™ is in Robins case used in collecting data from microwave-based bio-sensors and is part of a joint-venture application between Uppsala university, Stardots and Uppsala University Hospital, and has the potential of being a break-through in hospital care. Robin has been working for a long time with microwave applications and is among the best within his field of expertise.

Evolved Horizon features an intuitive interface to all acquired sensor-data, including rich export capabilities, application of signal filters, comparisons and many visualization options.

“We at Stardots are extremely happy to be working with the best researchers in both academia and industry, and Robins group is no exception. We have been working hard with Evolved Horizon and we are happy that customers are starting to use our product for data-driven insights, which is Stardots mission statement.” -CEO Daniel Petrini.

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