Speeding up and improving diabetes research

Counting cells in Pancreas in a collaboration with honored scholar Assoc. Prof. Joey Börjesson and Swedish Child Diabetes foundation

Analyzing the number and type of cells in the Langerhans islets of the pancreas is often a task that is vital to diabetes research. Assoc. Prof. Joey Lau Börjesson of Uppsala University was manually counting alpha- beta- and marker-cells on many islets and it was a tedious, exhausting and potentially error-prone task. She approached Stardots with a request to make the process faster and, if possible, more accurate. This resulted in the application “Pancreases Image Detection”, which allows image batch processing, database of results, automatic islets detection and discrimination, as well as alpha, beta and marker cell counting.

Detecting the Langerhans islet and counting various cells using Stardots Pancreas Image Detection is now a matter seconds compared to minutes or hours, with better accuracy and more objectively

“I think Stardots application gives an objective analysis of my images and, hence, ensures a more accurate image analysis than manual counting, which is of most importance for the statistical tests. Ultimately, this decides what kind of conclusions you may draw from your results.” says Joey Lau.

Daniel and Joey verifies the results from Pancreas Image Detection in the lab of Uppsala University. Image credit: Frozen Time.

Incidentally, one of the sons of Stardots CEO, Daniel Petrini, was diagnosed with Diabetes Type I two weeks after the project was started. This prompted him to reach out to Sweden Child Diabetes Foundation a collaboration. “My son getting Diabetes Type I was a life altering experience, and we are coping with the disease every day, despite excellent technical devices and medication in the form insulin. Being able to help the diabetes research in the way we did for Joey is of much personal value for me, and it also exemplifies Stardots motto in the most beautiful way: to speed up and improve the effort of R&D. To give a percentage of all revenues from ‘Pancreases Image Detection’ to the Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation is just in line with our philosophy”

PID 2.01 “Teodor” build. Count cells using an intuitive and powerful interface. Compare and relate and adjust results. The database has many export capabilites.

Joey was recently awarded for her research with the motivation: “Joey Lau Börjesson is awarded the prize for her work with advanced experimental
studies to provide enhanced understanding of how transplanted insulin-producing cells are transformed by their new environment in the transplants, and how the survival and function rate of the transplanted cells can be improved, including stem cell modification. The findings can lead to improved results in clinical island transplantations and provide a basis for how stem cell-derived insulin-producing cells can be developed as cell therapy” Read more here.

For more information regarding Pancreas Image Detection: Pancreas Image Detection or contact us at info@stardots.se

Joey Lay Börjsesson research group: http://www.mcb.uu.se/res/groups/jlb/

Swedish Child Foundation: http://www.barndiabetesfonden.se/

In order to speed up the development for cure to diabetes type I, please donate to diabetes research.