[PID] - Pancreas Image Detection / Overview

Pancreas Image Detector (PID) loads images from the pancreas, finds the islets of Langerhans and determine glucagon (alpha), insluin (beta), and other* cell nuclei, and saves the data and image to a database. Batches of images may be run for fast analysis. PID removes the tedious and error-prone job of counting cells, in an accurate, robust and fast manner. It has been developed and tested with Uppsala university.

  • Powered by our Stardots Booter (installation, licensing, upgrades)
  • Image Format: TIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG
  • Image info: 72 DPI, 24 Bit Color, RBG-coloring.
  • No restriction on image size
  • Binary File Database
  • PC (MAC and Linux to come)

*Contact us for all cell-detection capabilities

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