Evolved Horizon / Screenshots

The Evolved Horizon launcher sets up the user profiles, uploads firmware to devices and chooses a client-server mode Before launching the application

Welcome screen of the Evolved Horizon Client

A demo of one ARDUNIO acquiring 6 light-sensors…

Combine many graphs from multiple channels for more data-driven insights.

Analysis GUI, showing an combined database viewer and manipulation as well as a visulizer and exporter

Add, remove, copy, configure, export and view status of all your modules

Export every graph (plot) to a MATLAB(R)-powered figure window that offers many customizations, export options, and print capability.

The Evolved Horizon console is a powerful tool to display detailed information and run single commands or batch of commands in a script

Export configurations, informations to common file formats such as Microsoft Excel, but also to ordinary text-files.

I/O data that has four DSPs applied (smoothing, scaling and integral transforming)

Module hierarchy

Evolved Horizon console and scripting capabilities, including calling sub-scripts. Useful for snapshot of a specific test-setup or various execution of commands.