Evolved Horizon / Overview

Evolved Horizon is a desktop application for experiment setup, I/O and analysis. It is free to download, but a license is needed to use the application.

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  • No programming – you are up and running with an R&D test-setup within minutes
  • Patent pending modular approach – easily configure and combine modules to near infinite possibilities
  • Hardware support – Arduino1 for cost-effective, off-the-shelf devices using Stardots in-house developed firmware
  • Insights – visualize real-time sensor data or compare and perform various data analytics of previously acquired data
  • Graphs – sharp, beautifully rendered plots, including 2D-lineplots and 3D-Surface plots.
  • Scripting language – execute commands and configure almost every aspect of Evolved Horizon using simple text files; share scripts with colleagues, customize run-scripts for robust and repeatable experimental setups, etc.
  • Console – Show detailed application outputs and execute commands or scripts directly into the engine
  • Multi-user support – customize each user of Evolved Horizon to specialize the experience.
  • Updates – Update the application from our cloud-powered servers, for more hardware support, features and enhancements
  • Off-line mode – No internet connection is required (except for license activation and updates)
  • Your data is your data – you are in complete control of your data and no information, besides licensing and application update, is transferred to Stardots or any third-parties
Supported devices

1 Evolved Horizon currently supports the following devices:

  • Arduino® Zero (via USB)
  • Arduino® Due (via USB)
  • Arduino® Mega 2650 rev. 3 (via USB)
Supported sensors and actuators

For more detailed information please see the datasheet or the documentation.