Evolved Horizon / Overview

Evolved Horizon™ is a system for acquiring, storing and analyzing sensor data. The system includes a desktop application and firmware and communication drivers for various hardware, including ARDUINO®1 , National Instruments™2 and Raspberry Pi2.

  • One application for experiment setup, I/O and analysis
  • No programming – you are up and running with an R&D test-setup within minutes
  • Patented modular approach – easily configure and combine modules to near infinite possibilities
  • Hardware support – ARDUINO 1 for cost-effective, off-the-shelf devices using Stardots in-house developed firmware
  • Insights – visualize real-time sensor data or compare and perform various data analytics of previously acquired data
  • Graphs – sharp, beautifully rendered plots, including 2D-lineplots and 3D-Surface plots.
  • Scripting language – execute commands and configure almost every aspect of Evolved Horizon using simple text files; share scripts with colleagues, customize run-scripts for robust and repeatable experimental setups, etc.
  • Console – Show detailed application outputs and execute commands or scripts directly into the engine
  • Multi-user support – customize each user of Evolved Horizon to specialize the experience.
  • Updates – Update the application from our cloud-powered servers, for more hardware support, features and enhancements
  • Off-line mode – No internet connection is required (except for license activation and updates)
  • Your data is your data – you are in complete control of your data and no information, besides licensing and application update, is transferred to Stardots or any third-parties
Analysis GUI, showing an combined database viewer and manipulation as well as a visualizer and exporter

(1) ARDUINO Zero, MEGA 2560 and Due currently supported
(2) Upcoming hardware support to be announced

Stardots is developing Evolved Horizon in cooperation with Uppsala University, and the Department of Engineering Sciences, Microsystems Technology division.

Uppsala University Uppsala University is ranked among the world top 100 institutions, and we are very proud for the opportunity to work together with talented researchers and students from this university founded in 1477.