Evolved Horizon Release Notes

Release Notes for Evolved Horizon v.1.16 (“Faynman”)
Date: 2018-01-10
OS: Windows 64 Bit
MCR: 9.2 (Matlab 2017a)


  • Module Hierarchy Interface.
    Display module relationships in a separate window by selecting the modules and clicking on the hierarchy button, or by typing “modtree” in the console.


  • Applog improvements
  • Fixed a smaller potential memory-leak in the GUI-framework


Release Notes for Evolved Horizon v.1.15 (“Hale”)
Date: 2017-12-06
OS: Windows 64 Bit
MCR: 9.2 (Matlab 2017a)

Minor release, but lots of smaller improvements.


  • Evolved Horizon user manual added as a PDF!
    Go to Launcher -> Settings -> User Manual


  • Help now displays the correct help for each command
  • Added information from the Booter to the application log
  • Fixed the ioinf command from bloking a I/O queue execution
  • ioinf now correctly prints the I/O table in the console
  • Console default position is now centered in the monitor (where it should be)
  • Execution of a script displayed a “%s filename” in the console instead of the actual filename
  • Changed the text in the accent-colored text button to Black for better clarity.



Release Notes for Evolved Horizon v.1.14 (“Bahcall”)
Date: 2017-12-06
OS: Windows 64 Bit
MCR: 9.2 (Matlab 2017a)

Bug fixes and improvements release…


  • Fixed width of text button to proper extent
  • Adjusted color of text button
  • Fixed a bug with start/stop icon in I/O interface
  • Adjusted Icon color of start/stop icon in I/O interface
  • Fixed a bug of first datapoint set in plot module histogram was 0. This could potentially drown the other points.
  • Changed “Histogram” plot type to count instead of probability. I.e., to ci instead of ci/N, where ci is current bin counts. N is total counts.
  • Various smaller performance increases. Decreased start time in I/O with ~15 %.


Release Notes for Evolved Horizon v.1.13 (“Cassini”)
Date: 2017-12-01
OS: Windows 64 Bit
MCR: 9.2 (Matlab 2017a)

New Features:

  • Added Power Spectral density plot using the Lomb-Scargle periodogram technique. See the power (dBW/Hz) vs. frequency (Hz) of your data. Identify weak perodic signals of unevenly sampled data.


  • All of the GUI components should now be DPI-aware. (Java has no built-in support for GUI)
  • Made the GUI much more responsive (up to a factor of 10 in various scenarios).
  • Loading of data in the Analytical interface is up to 2 times faster
  • Color changes in the selection color of a image text button (now displays the accent color as the background. Much easier to distinguish).
  • Fixed the exception handling of DSP apply in the analytical interface. If the applied DSP fails, the progressbar now disappears.


Release Notes for Evolved Horizon v.1.12 (“Fermi”)
Date: 2017-11-15
OS: Windows 64 Bit
MCR: 9.2 (Matlab 2017a)

Splash screen now includes a progress indicator.

Bug fixes and smaller fixes.


Release Notes for Evolved Horizon v.1.11 (“Maxwell”)
Date: 2017-11-15
OS: Windows 64 Bit
MCR: 9.2 (Matlab 2017a)

New Features:

  • New Device support: ARDUINO DUE!
    • The mighty ARDUINO Due is now fully supported! Just plug it in and upload the latest firmware.
  • New Channel Type: Native digital in
    • Sample any digital input on your Arduino.
  • New DSP: Resample
    • Resample your (non-uniform) transient data to a uniform set using a dedicated frequency. Choose resample frequency and method (shape-preserving cubic spline, normal spline or linear).
  • New Arduino Firmware:
    • Support for Arduino DUE. Digital Input. Smaller Error handling corrections.


  • Fixed the DSP:NONE in the export of data to .csv to display the correct applied DSP ids


Release Notes for Evolved Horizon v.1.10 (“Curie”)
Date: 2017-11-10
OS: Windows 64 Bit
MCR: 9.2 (Matlab 2017a)

New Features:

  • Added New Analysis plot type: “Box plot”
    • The box-and-whisker plot may be used to visualize the distribution of data through its quartiles. Use the boxplot for easy overview of the distribution of your data per channel. All the boxes are notched at the D50 (median); two medians are significantly different at the 5% significance level if their intervals (notches) do not overlap. Outliers are marked as red. See more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Box_plot.
  • Added “Show Previous” and “Show Original” checkboxes in Analyze.
    • Extremely useful feature to see the effect the DSP has on your data. The previous is the last applied DSP data (or original if number of DSPs are 1). The original is the data without any DSP. The current DSP overlays the previous/original who is rendered in a grayish color.
    • Incidentally, all the DSP applied is only temporary…your data is not altered. In fact, to ensure data integrity, you may not alter it post-I/O!


  • Various Icon fixes in splash screen and other GUIs
  • Added booter_log.txt in Launcher->Configs->Logs. Changed colors of the log to be white/black for background/text. Added “Open in OS” of all logs.
  • Toned the color of the “selected”-background color of the image-text button.
  • Smaller bugs/fixes


Release Notes for Evolved Horizon v.1.09
Date: 2017-11-03
OS: Windows 64 Bit
MCR: 9.2 (Matlab 2017a)

New Features:

  • Normalization DSP
    • Normalize your data for better comparison, and easier viewing.
    • Use any value for lower and upper limits.
    • Perfect in conjunction with integration for better insights, without data drowning.
  • Outlier removal DSP
    • Filter unwanted outlier data, using moving-median or moving-mean without smoothing the data too much.
    • Powerful when data contains artifacts.
    • Choose outlier fill methods (Linear, nearest, splines) and threshold values for maximum flexibility to your data-set.
  • Added USB port selection on the firmware uploader. Some devices (e.g., MEGA) requires a specific USB port for uploading. Use “Auto” for complete scan. Please unplug all devices except the device scheduled for firmware upload.
  • Doubled the buffer size and added many more buffer configurations in the firmware. Use long and narrow buffer for few channels but high I/O rate. Use short but wide for many channels and lower (requested) I/O rate. OBS: the actual I/O rate is not only determined by the buffers but also the reading of the pins etc.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the lag-race associated with a session that has a I/O-rate set at higher Hz than the hardware can handle. Warning: a diff between actual and requested I/O-rate will not be easily noticed.
  • Fixed basic DPI-awareness for OS-scaled high-resolution screens… All elements (including graphs) are DPI-aware except some data- and setting-tables.
  • Rewrote the flush/acquire routine of the session to be more responsive to trigger commands and less taxing to the USB communication. Evolved Horizon 1.09 requires Arduino Firmware +1.4.x.y
  • Improved buffer memory footprint of the Arduino. More memory == more I/O rates. potentially more sensors. 🙂
  • Made the graphical user interface engine more responsive (hoover of buttons etc.)
  • Fixed a bug in the numerical calculation DSP (static time stamps no longer assumed)


Release Notes for Evolved Horizon v.1.08
Date: 2017-10-26
OS: Windows 64 Bit
MCR: 9.2 (Matlab 2017a)

New Features:

  • Hardware
    • Added support for Adafruit MAX31855 breakout board (K-Type Thermocouples)
    • Added support for Adafruit MAX31855 breakout board (PT-RTD)
      • Software SPI.
      • Hardware SPI (EXPERIMENTAL)
      • Device: Arduino (firmware: >
      • Max sps: (Hz) = 10/#ch
      • Analytical R->T conversion:
        • Configure a,b,c Callendar-Van Dusen coefficients and R0 and ref-resistor in software for maximum flexibility
      • Sub zero C temperature span
      • See https://www.adafruit.com/product/3328 for more info
  • Analytical
    • Polynomial Smoothing
      • Added Savitzky-Golay smoothing DSP with configurable window width (odd) and polynomial order. Perfect when moving mean and median fails. Could potentially remove e.g., 50 Hz noise…
    • Differential Calculus
      • Added derivative (gradient) DSP for the slope/tangent/continous change of your data.
      • Custom DSP
        • Scale equation. Scale your data using any equation. Apply off-set, noise, decay, with respect to both the data and time variables. Perfect for post I/O “calibration”.
  • Scripting Language
    • Added “license” command. Check you license-type, end- and expire-dates
    • Added <mod>types command. See all available module types and description.


  • Fixed module clone bug (did not save clone)
  • Fixed module id change (did not remove old id)
  • Fixed Device Arduino ping/hardware info retreival and USB connection restore.
  • Fixed x, y, z position for channel to be of float (and not integer) type
  • Rewrote the intrinsic scale equations per channel to be more flexible (.e.g, polynomial solvers for PT100 R-T mapping)
  • Improved the status/state of modules when in the I/O queue to be more clear in the modules GUI. You do not want to delete/change a module when running…
  • Changed the channel enum class to be clear regarding the device-hardware-channel topology.
  • Smaller bugs. Still some “Event Horizon” names.
  • Reseting an empty I/O queue from the command prompt when does not produce an error.
  • Fixed a bug when saving channel data to the database; spatially position of the channel includes x, y, z not just x…
  • Smaller cosmetic

Happy Halloween! 🙂
/Stardots Dev Team


Release Notes for Evolved Horizon v. 1.07
Date: 2017-10-12

New Features

  • Analysis
    • Export current plot to Excel/.csv file
    • Export database entries (including all data)
    • Added Advanced panel
    • Colormap changer – Not happy with our default colors. Change them! :-). Added Earth (parula), Spectra (jet), Space (cool) and Sun (hot). (matlab equivalnce)
    • PlotType Added “Histogram”
    • DSP selector: add, combine and remove loaded DSP and visualize directly onto screen
  • Module Class
    • New Class “DSP” – digital signal processing
    • Perform analysis of I/O data using various filters etc.
  • New Modules:
    • DSP Module: Moving Statistics Smoothing
      • Smooth noisy data using moving mean and moving medians. Configure symmetric and assymetric window widths.
      • Perform moving sum, product, std, variance statistics. -DSP Module: Integral Calculus -See the area under the graph
  • Hardware Support
    • Added limited hardware support for the Arduino MEGA 2560
    • Added limited hardware support for the Ardunio DUE (in the form of .bin file. Upload is done manually using appropriate uploader.

BUGS correction

  • Arduino Firmware: Session Deployment
    • Fixed a bug when no SD-card was present and the clearing of binfile session are deployed
  • Launcher: Firmware_Uploader
    • No accuratly chooses the correct firmware version-command help language corrections

/Stardots Dev team

Relase Notes for Evolved Horizon v. 1.01 2017-10-03
This is the first external release of Evolved Horizon(TM)!

We hope you will learn much from this product and enjoy it as much as we have creating it.
Happy insight-hunting!

Stardots Dev. Team
Uppsala, Sweden
Stardots AB


Please report any bugs to support@stardots.se (we would appreciate if you are very specific regarding the problem).

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