Evolved Horizon

Stardots Evolved Horizon™ is a desktop application for acquiring and analyzing sensor data, designed for research and development professionals.

Using Stardots patent-pending technology, no programming is required, allowing for data-driven scientific insights and decreased development cost. Data is visualized in real-time, using state-of-the-art MATLAB®-powered graphics and stored in Big-Data-capable databases for post-analysis. In addition, Evolved Horizon™ is further customizable and portable using a newly developed scripting language.

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Analysis GUI, showing an combined database viewer and manipulation as well as a visualizer and exporter

Stardots is developing Evolved Horizon in cooperation with Uppsala University, and the Department of Engineering Sciences, Microsystems Technology division.

Uppsala University Uppsala University is ranked among the world top 100 institutions, and we are very proud for the opportunity to work together with talented researchers and students from this university founded in 1477.