Evolved Horizon 1.07 released!

Just released Evolved Horizon 1.07, packed with many new analytical tools, see screen-shots and change log below. Just restart the application and receive the upgrade. We also built a new Window installer, for easier installation.

New Features:

  •  Analysis Interfacfe:
    • Export current plot to Excel/.csv file
    • Export database entries (including all data)
    •  Added Advanced panel
    • Colormap changer – Not happy with our default colors? Change them! :-). Added Earth (parula), Spectra (jet), Space (cool) and Sun (hot). (Matlab equivalence)
    •    New plot-type “Histogram”
    •    DSP selector: add, combine and remove loaded DSP and visualize directly onto screen.
    •   New Class “DSP” – digital signal processing
      • Perform analysis of I/O data using various filters etc.


  • New Modules:
    •  DSP Module: Moving Statistics Smoothing
      •  Smooth noisy data using moving mean and moving medians.   Configure symmetric and asymmetric window widths.  Perform moving sum, product, minimum, maximum, standard deviation, and variance statistics.
    • DSP Module: Integral Calculus
      • Perform numerical integral calculations using the trapezoid method.


  • Hardware Support:
    • Added limited hardware support for the Arduino MEGA 2560
    • Added limited hardware support for the Arduino DUE (in the form of .bin file. Upload is done manually using appropriate uploader.)
    • Download firmware packages here.



Evolved Horizon 1.07 Analytical Interface. change plot type, colormaps, and perform various (self-defined) digital signal processing (DSP) calculations on your data.

Thanks Mats @ for creating Stardots’ logos

“Stardots” derives from stars and space, as the representation of exploration and discovery, and connecting the dots as an illustrative of gained insight. The by-line articulate our core mission: Let data be the our guiding star in the course of development.
Evolved Horizon™ is the name of the now available product that hopefully evolve the horizon of the data from experimental set-ups including sensors.

Evolved Horizon™ is launched!

CEO, Daniel Petrini is toasting with invited guests

Daniel is demonstrating Evolved Horizon

Chairman, Hanno Lindroth, is giving a speach about the journey so fare

The core team is celebrating the launch

Evolved Horizon™ is launched! A system for acquiring, storing and analyzing sensor data

  • No programming needed
  • Hardware support for ARDUINO
  • Combine modules to near infinite possibilities
  • Your data is your data