Chris Kennedy joins the team


Chris Kennedy is Stardots Business Development U.S. since May 2019. He had deep involvement in the Tech and Life Science sectors, previously Co-Chair of the MassBIO Finance Committee & Forum Advisory Board Member.

Chris remains actively involved in the venture and start up community. Stardots is very pleased that Chris decided to join the team and his vision and experience will be a great asset to the company.

You can reach him at or +1 617-968-4600


Stardots wins Venture Cup East

We won the “Game Changer” award at Venture Cup Region East finals for our application platform! The jurys motivation was:

“By making research and findings from researchers more available and cost effective, this highly competent team uses programming-skills to build bridges between science and a huge market of customers”

Stardots won the “Game Changer” award and we are now going to compete in the national finals in Gothenburg in September

Venture Cup have supported tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and helped nearly 15 000 ideas to blossom since the start in 1998. It is Sweden’s no. 1 competition and the competition where ideas become businesses. See more info here:

We are extremely honored to be competing in the nationals final in September, and besides the honor and recognition a chance to win 500 000 SEK in price money.

CEO Daniel Petrini gives a short pitch at the Venture Cup finals

Stardots has currently three products in our app store; they are all developed in MATLAB from MathWorks inc and compiled to an executable via MATLAB COMPILER.

See all finalists here

Stardots advances in Venture Cup

Stardots is very pleased to announce our advancement to the regions final in Sweden largest competition for startups and business plan, Venture Cup. Venture Cup was established in the late ‘90s in order to give feedback on startups business ideas with experienced industry experts committed to providing feedback and development tips.

Stardots at Venture Cup 2019
Stardots CEO and his son at the region final at Venture Cup 2019.

Stardots contributed with our application platform for R&D software and the contribution was dubbed “Appstore for R&D”. The platform allows for fast development, commercialization and distribution of data-driven software intended to drive the digitalization of labs in both academia and industry. “Appstore for R&D” was selected among hundreds of other ideas and advanced into a region´s final. Recently we pitched our idea in front a formidable jury in Stockholm and the winner of the region’s final will be announced 2019-05-23.

At the Venture Cup photoshoot, we were asked to provide with a prop, and we brought CEO Daniel Petrini´s son. He has diabetes type 1 and you can see his blood sugar sensor attached to his arm in the photo above. Two weeks after he was diagnosed with diabetes, Stardots was approached by a diabetes researcher, dead set on finding a cure for diabetes. The scientist wanted to have a software program that counted various types of cells in pancreas instead of manually counting the cells since it was a cumbersome, time consuming and potentially error prone technique. We developed an application “PID”, using MATLAB and our software framework, and solved her cell counting needs. The “PID” application is now on our platform, available to all diabetes researchers around the world. Now she, and her research group, can easily analyze 1000 images per day compared to ~5 before, in addition to obtaining cell statistics and various visualizations. In addition, the application will auto-update, bringing new features and fixes for the benefit of R&D and eventually society. This story exemplifies Stardots business idea in a beautiful and personal way.

EKLIPS awarded a prestigious grant

We are very pleased to announce that Vinnova – Sweden’s innovation agency – has awarded Stardots a prestigious “Innovative Startup” grant for »QUEST« – a sub component in Stardots medical platform »EKLIPS«.
»EKLIPS« estimates symptoms and offer AI-powered treatment suggestions for patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD). The effects of PD are severe; the cost is estimated to be ~14 B€ per year in EU alone in addition to the human suffering. Around 1% of all people above 60 years will be affected by PD. »EKLIPS« will lower the cost of PD treatment for society and significantly increase quality of life for the patient.

One key component to »EKLIPS« is to estimate Parkinson’s symptoms quantitively using mathematical modelling. »QUEST« is a novel idea to estimate the associated tremor of a PD patient using the cloud, a mobile phone and advanced algorithms developed under many years by Prof. Alexander Medvedevs research group at Uppsala university. The algorithms have been tested clinically at Uppsala university Hospital (Akademiska sjukhuset) with Assoc. Prof. MD Dag Nyholm research Group and the results are impressive and encouraging. We estimate that »QUEST« will be available for Android and iOS within a year.

The red James Parkinson Tulip – a symbol for the Parkinson’s disease that is used to rise awareness and funds to R&D

»EKLIPS« is a joint venture between Stardots AB, Uppsala university and Uppsala university Hospital, and collaborates with various organizations and companies in Europe and USA. The platform is expected to be ready for launch within a few years. For more info please contact us at

Bona Postulata Award Nomination!

Stardots is honored to be nominated for the Bona Postulata 2019 award! The nomination goes out to companies with large potential for growth in Uppsala county. For more information and to see previous winners click on the link below: (in swedish).

Bono Postulata
Bona Postulata – Good Qualification
A business award in Uppsala county, Sweden.

Stardots joins Swedsoft

Stardots has joined as a member of Swedsoft.
Swedsoft is an independent, non-profit organization with the aim to increase the competitiveness of Swedish software.

Stardots participated in a productive seminar in Lund, Sweden, last week,
Samling av mjukvarusverige 2019” (in swedish) i.e. “Formation of software Sweden 2019”.
Future trends and challenges in software development in Sweden where among the things discussed in the workshops.

We are looking forward to cooperate with all the participants e.g., Volvo Cars, Ericsson, SAAB and universities.



Samling av mjukvarusverige 2019.

Stardots collaborator honored with research prize

The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation’s Johnny Ludvigsson-prize for excellent research in childhood and adolescent diabetes, has this year been given its Young Researcher prize to: Associate Professor Joey Lau Börjesson at the Department of Medical Cell Biology, Uppsala University.

Johnny Ludvigssons Pris 2018
Joey Lau Börjesson receives the Barndiabetesfonden Johnny Ludvigsson prize.

Motivation for the award
“Joey Lau Börjesson is awarded the prize for her work with advanced experimental
studies to provide enhanced understanding of how transplanted insulin-producing cells
are transformed by their new environment in the transplants, and how the
survival and function rate of the transplanted cells can be improved, including stem cell modification.
The findings can lead to improved results in clinical island transplantations and provide a basis for how stem cell-derived insulin-producing cells can be developed as
cell therapy”

Stardots collaboration
Stardots has jointly with Joey developed software that can increase correctness and rapidity in Joey’s diabetes research.
Read more about Pancreas Image Detection (PID).

Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation (in Swedish)

EKLIPS – a cloud platform for AI-driven optimization of deep brain stimulation

Stardots is thrilled to announce another MedTech project and this time we are teaming up with two of the best scientists in their respective fields to deliver the next generation Deep-Brain Stimulation (DBS) techniques, useful in the treatment of e.g., Parkinson’s disease.

DBS-probes shown in X-ray of the skull. An electrical impulse signal stimulates the brain via the lead wires to the electrodes residing deep inside of the brain. Image credit: by Hellerhoff – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Together with research groups of neurologist PhD Dag Nyholm from Uppsala university hospital and professor of control engineering and director of automatic control Alexander Medvedev from Uppsala university, we are building a cloud-based, AI-driven, platform for improving the DBS treatment.

Dag Nyholm and Alexander Medvedev, from Uppsala University hospital and Uppsala University is discussing the ELKIPS Project – and AI- and Cloud driven platform for the MedTech industry, designed to deliver the next generation treatment for e.g., Parkinson.

DBS is considered one of the best and reliable techniques for e.g., Parkinson treatment. Combining Stardots cloud, application and computation technology, with Uppsala university newly developed AI algorithms, and the experience and knowledge in neuro-science and neuro-surgery, the project will develop a system that will aid doctors in their optimization of DBS for patients. The system will further enhance the effects of the DBS-treatment using smart and self-learning algorithms, adjusting the DBS-parameters using various inputs and models in one easy and intuitive interface.

The project working title is “EKLIPS” and is partly funded by Vinnova – Sweden’s innovation agency. EKLIPS will be built in conjunction with our previous announces project: sPark. More information will follow on or contact us on