Very interesting and hopeful article about MS


The MS-research of one of our brilliant collaboration partners, associate professor Joachim Burman Akademiska sjukhuset, The Uppsala University Hospital, is featured in the news recently:

Stardots is honored to work with the best in their respective field, and to deliver tools that helps the researcher to acquire and analyze data. Incidentally, Stardots and Joachim Burman are developing new methods of quantifying the degree of MS, more information and downloadable application will follow shortly!


Evolved Horizon 1.17 is released!

Evolved Horizon just got better; v. 1.17 released today!!!

Main new features includes a low-, high-, and band-pass FIR filter, better database manager, and more visualization options.

See all additions and fixes in the release notes. Just restart the application to receive your upgrade!


Apply the new low-pass FIR DSP filter to filter out contributions from lower frequencies
Apply the new high-pass FIR DSP filter to only include higher order frequencies


Change sizes for all graphical elements (this graphs shows the boxplot and the “Small” plot size)