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Application development

Stardots offers application development and distribution services for engineers, researchers and scientists in designing for data-analytical applications in various fields. Most often the scientist has an idea for an application, and Stardots develops algorithms, proof-of-concepts, platform specific executable and the cloud-powered distribution-, licensing- and upgrade-framework. However, if you have algorithms, complete programs, or any mix, please contact us if you wish to utilize Stardots distribution platform.

Stardots application development process

Stardots expertise areas:

  • Statistics
  • Image analysis
  • Internet-of-things (IoT)
  • Big-Data
  • Databases

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Examples projects

Stardots have experience from consulting in data-analytics in various fields, such as in biotech, material science, and clinical research. Below you can find examples of projects. 

Pancreas Image Detection

Pancreas Image Detection (PID) is an image analysis application, designed to identify islands and count various cell-types in the pancreas. Detecting and counting cells are tedious and error-prone if done manually. PID speeds up the process, and increases the accuracy. 

Pancreas Image Detection
The Pancreas Image Detection, is a project together with the Department of Medical Cell Biology, Uppsala University. The aim is to provide the researchers with an analytical tool to quantify cells in various parts of the pancreas and is part of a diabetes project.

Cerebral-Spinal Fluid Analyzer

A cerebral-spinal fluid analyzer (CSF) developed together with Uppsala university and Akademiska Sjukhuset, quantifying the degree of the disease MS.

Stardots Cesselrun

Stardots Cesselrun is a runners race application developed in cooperation with I’m a Runner AB.

Customer testimonials

”Stardots have developed a runners race application for my competitions, where the runners can track their percentage improvement during the year. With six races and this timing system, every runner has a more personal and clear goal for their individual participation and improvement. Stardots have shown good service during the development process of the service with great availability and very good know-how. I am satisfied with Stardots and can give my highest recommendation.”

  • — Linda Lövqvist
    CEO I’m a Runner AB