We currently collaborate with:

Uppsala University

The Uppsala University Hospital, Akademiska Sjukhuset



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Customer testimonials

“I have used the Evolved Horizon from Stardots. The system is easy to configure through the software and to operate. It is very good for small autonomous test set-ups and for educational use. All together a very flexible and handy system” Richard Brenner, professor in High Energy Physics at Uppsala university doing research at CERN

”Stardots have developed a runners race application for my competitions, where the runners can track their percentage improvement during the year. With six races and this timing system, every runner has a more personal and clear goal for their individual participation and improvement. Stardots have shown good service during the development process of the service with great availability and very good know-how. I am satisfied with Stardots and can give my highest recommendation.”  Linda Lövqvist, CEO I’m a Runner AB