We are looking for a CTO

Stardots is hiring!

Do you want to help us build one of the most advanced digital health platforms and increase quality of life for the millions of patients suffering from Parkinson´s disease? Stardots is offering you the challenge of a lifetime and working with an incredible talented team of scientists and entrepreneurs. We are assuming that you are a seasoned programmer with experience in cloud services, back-end solutions and various client-side applications, in addition to manage and lead larger software projects.

If this sounds interesting, do not hesitate to send in your resume to job@stardots.se

Individual heroes need not apply.


UUH is investing in Stardots

We are welcoming Uppsala University Holding (UUH) to Stardots. UUH is the University’s holding company. It is owned by the Swedish State and controlled by Uppsala University and is enabling commercialization of research results making it accessible to society. UUH has an impressive investment record including Q-Linea, Gradientech, Imint and Disruptive Materials.

UUH is an investor taking lead and taking risk in early stages of ventures. The portfolio contains companies with basis in LifeScience, Technology, and HumSoc.


Stardots is working on a cloud-based, digital health platform for Parkinson´s disease, offering symptom quantifications and AI-optimized treatments using newly developed, bleeding edge mathematical modelling from Prof. Alexander Medvedev from Uppsala University. The platform is a software-as-a-drug solution for a huge $250B global market and overwhelming human suffering.

“UUH investing in Stardots is a testament to the potential of our platform and vision, and we are excited and honored. We will continue to work hard to deliver on our promise: to increase the quality of life for Parkinson´s patients as well as reduce the cost to society.” -Daniel Petrini, CEO Stardots

Stardots featured in The Swedish Parkinson´s Foundation´s news letter

“A service like AI-TRUST is of the utmost importance and the only way if we want a state of knowledge that enables us to obtain better treatment methods than those that exist today” – Lennart Petterson, Chariman of the The Swedish Parkinson Foundation

Our digital health platform, AI-TRUST, is featured in The Swedish Parkinson Foundation newsletter recently. The platform will perform symptom quantification and individualized and optimized treatment suggestions. In addition, we will offer MedTech and pharmaceutical companies help in their efforts to bring new devices and medicines to the market. We are happy about the recognition that will help us realize our goal: to launch a software-as-a-drug solution for a significant market: those suffering from Parkinson´s disease.

Stardots is actively looking for investments to bring this revolutionary platform to market in order to increase quality of life and reducing the cost associated with Parkinson´s.

Uppsala University Innovation award

We are very honored to receive the ”Attractive Innovation Project of 2019” award from Uppsala University Innovation for one of our sub-projects in our digital health platform AI-TRUST. The award goes out to projects that are considered likely for further progress and investments. Our software-as-a-drug platform for Parkinson´s disease have received a lot of awards and attention lately and we are looking for the lead-investor in the upcoming capitalization round.

Stardots and Uppsala university´s tremor symptom quantifier “QuEsT” was acknowledged by UUI as one of the most attractive innovation project of 2019.

Incidentally, out scientific lead Prof. Alexander Medvedev and responsible for the mathematical modelling powering our platform was recently featured in an interview as one of 24 professors from Uppsala University.

Our AI-TRUST platform is designed for the patient and significant quality of life improvements. In addition, it will reduce cost to society and provide an extremely valuable tool for the life science community and serve as a clinical trial aid.

CEO Daniel Petrini, PhD Student Fredrik Olsson and Assoc. Prof MD Dag Nyholm

Stardots voted top three startups in Sweden

We finished at 3rd place in SvD/Carnegies Future Entrepreneur of the year 2019 with our software-as-a-drug platform for Parkinson´s disease!

CEO Daniel Petrini together with Prof. Alexander Medvedev at the award ceremony

Stardots was chosen from hundreds of companies to compete with four others in the finals in at Carnegie HQ in Stockholm. CEO Daniel Petrini got to present the company, project and team, as well as our business model, in front of a crowd of investors.

Daniel gives his seven minute pitch at Future Entrepreneur of the year 2019

We are very proud and honored to regarded as one of the best startups in Sweden and we are currently looking for investors to scale-up and bring this exciting new technology to market in order to increase quality of life for necessitous end-users: those suffering from Parkinson´s disease.

Carnegie Hall Stockholm

Entrepreneur of the future 2019

We are extremely thrilled and honored to be selected as one of five finalists in SvD/Carnegie Future entrepreneur of the year 2019. This competition puts focus on unique and sustainable business ideas with strong entrepreneurial teams. The final is due 2019-11-21 at Carnegie Hall, Stockholm Sweden.

Article (in Swedish) here: https://www.svd.se/nu-borjar-rostningen–du-avgor-finalisterna

Stardots has gained a lot of traction for our digital health platform AI-TRUST. Today’s announcement is yet one step closer to realizing our vision to increase quality of life to patients suffering from Parkinson´s disease, in addition to reduce cost to society.

CEO Daniel Petrini and COB Hanno Lindroth at the SvD/Carnegie pitch

AI-TRUST is a software-as-a-drug platform for the symptom quantification and AI-optimized treatments of Parkinson´s disease using state-of-the-art mathematical modelling. The project is a joint venture between Stardots, Uppsala University and the neurological department of Uppsala University Hospital. The management team consists of world-leading scientists, veteran programmers and successful entrepreneurs as well as international business developers in life-science.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Attending the Digital Health Impact 2019

Together with our friends from Harvard, MassBio and the Life Science community we recently attended the Digital Health Impact 2019 in Boston. The importance, challenges and opportunities within Digital Health were discussed. This emerging sector and platforms such as Stardots’ AI-TRUST, reflect combined advances in the Life Sciences, Digital Technology and Medical Devices industries. All bringing to light the question….How do we apply all this data to really impact outcomes and reduce costs?

Massachusetts Governor Baker addresses Digital Health Impact 2019 attendees. Sharing the significance of the inaugural event and the State’s intention to lead in this developing sector, as has been accomplished in the Biotech Industry.
An insightful panel discussion at Digital Health Impact 2019 addressing themes such as, How do we apply all this data to really impact outcomes and reduce costs?

We discussed digital health and Software-as-a-Drug in general and Stardots´ platform for Parkinson’s Disease “AI-TRUST” with the attendees including the Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker, CBO of MassBio John Hallinan, Harvard lecturer Luba Greenwood and co-founder of Flare Capital Bill Geary. We really learned a lot from the event. The future for digital health platforms such as ours is bright.

Chris Kennedy, Stardots Business Development U.S. and Luba Greenwood, Digital Health Impact 2019 Speaker and Panel Participant, Healthcare and Tech Executive, Google Verily, Roche, Harvard Lecturer and Board Member MassBIO.

A reoccurring issue was the realization and real-world benefits of digital health platforms. We believe that such a platform should be developed in strong collaboration with the life science and health care sector. AI-TRUST is a joint venture between Stardots, Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital and we are working closely with neurological clinics and professionals in EU and the U.S.

Digital Health and Software-as-a-Drug (SaaD) is a new service to the health care sector
Digital Health Colleague, Luba Greenwood, opening the Digital Health Impact 2019 Symposium
Chris Kennedy,Stardots Business Development U.S. and John Hallinan, Chief Business Officer, MassBio.

Neuroimaging in Umeå University

Stardots was invited to Umeå university in Sweden to present our company, vision and the application platform. The group focuses in neuroimaging and uses MATLAB extensively to acquire data, control outputs and for post-analysis. We were totally blown away about the quality of their research, the results they generated and the level of code they produce.

Real-time visualization of individual cells in mice involves a lot of programming to produce data-driven insights
 Many programmers face the problem of commercialization and distribution of their code and solutions, and so did this group. Our application platform is built to solve these shortcomings and provide a portal for scientists and programmers to meet, exchange ideas and offer applications. We at Stardots are so honored to be collaborating with the best in the industry in order to improve the efforts of R&D and society at large.
Application engineer Kamil and scientist Tanya working on cutting edge real-time neuroimaging


Stardots attends Jefferies health care conference in NYC

Stardots attended Jefferies global health care conference in NYC to seek funding for our digital health platform for our Parkinson’s disease “AI-TRUST”. World leading health care companies presented cutting edge technologies, biotech innovations and pharmaceuticals in this investment focused conference. Stardots is currently seeking funding for our AI-TRUST platform in order to quantify symptoms and offer AI-optimized treatment to Parkinson’s in order to improve quality of life, reduce cost to society and to aid in clinical trials. It aims to provide progressive markers for Parkinson’s.

AI-TRUST is a cloud based, digital health platform and a joint-venture with Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital. The algorithms used for mathematical modelling are based on years of research by Prof. Alexander Medvedev and clinical trials by MD PhD Dag Nyholm.

Chris Kennedy (to the left in the photo) is our newly hired Business Development U.S and is in charge of raising funds in the Boston area.

For more information regarding investing in AI-TRUST please visit the following link: For investors

Chris Kennedy joins the team


Chris Kennedy is Stardots Business Development U.S. since May 2019. He had deep involvement in the Tech and Life Science sectors, previously Co-Chair of the MassBIO Finance Committee & Forum Advisory Board Member.

Chris remains actively involved in the venture and start up community. Stardots is very pleased that Chris decided to join the team and his vision and experience will be a great asset to the company.

You can reach him at christopher.kennedy@stardots.se or +1 617-968-4600