Attending the Digital Health Impact 2019

Together with our friends from Harvard, MassBio and the Life Science community we recently attended the Digital Health Impact 2019 in Boston. The importance, challenges and opportunities within Digital Health were discussed. This emerging sector and platforms such as Stardots’ AI-TRUST, reflect combined advances in the Life Sciences, Digital Technology and Medical Devices industries. All bringing to light the question….How do we apply all this data to really impact outcomes and reduce costs?

Massachusetts Governor Baker addresses Digital Health Impact 2019 attendees. Sharing the significance of the inaugural event and the State’s intention to lead in this developing sector, as has been accomplished in the Biotech Industry.
An insightful panel discussion at Digital Health Impact 2019 addressing themes such as, How do we apply all this data to really impact outcomes and reduce costs?

We discussed digital health and Software-as-a-Drug in general and Stardots´ platform for Parkinson’s Disease “AI-TRUST” with the attendees including the Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker, CBO of MassBio John Hallinan, Harvard lecturer Luba Greenwood and co-founder of Flare Capital Bill Geary. We really learned a lot from the event. The future for digital health platforms such as ours is bright.

Chris Kennedy, Stardots Business Development U.S. and Luba Greenwood, Digital Health Impact 2019 Speaker and Panel Participant, Healthcare and Tech Executive, Google Verily, Roche, Harvard Lecturer and Board Member MassBIO.

A reoccurring issue was the realization and real-world benefits of digital health platforms. We believe that such a platform should be developed in strong collaboration with the life science and health care sector. AI-TRUST is a joint venture between Stardots, Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital and we are working closely with neurological clinics and professionals in EU and the U.S.

Digital Health and Software-as-a-Drug (SaaD) is a new service to the health care sector
Digital Health Colleague, Luba Greenwood, opening the Digital Health Impact 2019 Symposium
Chris Kennedy,Stardots Business Development U.S. and John Hallinan, Chief Business Officer, MassBio.

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