Neuroimaging in Umeå University

Stardots was invited to Umeå university in Sweden to present our company, vision and the application platform. The group focuses in neuroimaging and uses MATLAB extensively to acquire data, control outputs and for post-analysis. We were totally blown away about the quality of their research, the results they generated and the level of code they produce.

Real-time visualization of individual cells in mice involves a lot of programming to produce data-driven insights
 Many programmers face the problem of commercialization and distribution of their code and solutions, and so did this group. Our application platform is built to solve these shortcomings and provide a portal for scientists and programmers to meet, exchange ideas and offer applications. We at Stardots are so honored to be collaborating with the best in the industry in order to improve the efforts of R&D and society at large.
Application engineer Kamil and scientist Tanya working on cutting edge real-time neuroimaging


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